Malacca Wharf book

Malacca Wharf is now published and on sale

It is 2001. Sixteen residents move in to a new riverside apartment building in the redeveloped old docklands of Wapping where wine is becoming a tranquiliser for stress and isolation.

Hitting forty is depressing for adventurous East End charmer Alfie Stark. But approaching fifty is even worse for Claire Matthews who has lost her husband to a tumour and in spite of wealth and property and youthful beauty is finding new love elusive. But although they are different is many ways there is chemistry and respect. Not perhaps the ingredients for immediate passion and romance, but not everyone can determine their choices. Their slow-burn adventure looks blest but the unexpected can bring life changing challenges.

Neighbours Carlo and Ginnie are mismatched, but they would disagree with that. Lorraine has her own agenda regarding Alfie, and the other eleven occupants lend dimension to this descriptive and telling portrait of isolated living in small flats. Claire’s ‘country house’ life in Hampshire reveals the other side of contemporary England: a fading face of upper middle class privileges, rare motor cars, and empty silent days.